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A Focus on Quality

As a company committed to being a world-class supplier of products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, Tulsa Tube Bending has invested in the systems, people and standards needed to provide responsive, high-quality services devoted to bending tube.

Our goal is to always supply defect-free products to our customers on time. To do this, we’ve established a quality system for bending tubing that’s fully understood and supported by personnel at all levels of our organization. We have developed and documented this quality system for bending tubing to be compliant with the services and intent of ISO and QS9000 principles. Listed below are the major components of our quality system for bending tube.

Quality System for Bending Tubing
Our quality system for bending tube defines the responsibilities, procedures, fabrication processes and management needed to maintain conformance with customer requirements when bending tubing. The system permeates all aspects of our business.

Document and Data Control
Document control helps ensure quality when bending tube by making certain that proper and up-to-date documents associated with bending tubing are available when needed. Our system also requires that any changed documents have the proper authorization and that all documents associated with bending tube, whether hard copy or electronic, be securely stored and archived for a set time period.

Contract Review
Prior to sending work orders for bending tube to the plant, we will review them to ensure that we can meet your requirements. To do so, we will cross-check the order with the procedures we use for bending tubing.

Orders that are very complex or that are part of a long-term contractual agreement for bending tube may go through our print and process review (PPR). PPR meetings bring together representatives from our sales, engineering, purchasing, quality and operations departments, who work together to clarify the project-specific expectations for bending tubing.

In order to deliver world-class services for bending tubing, our quality system’s requirements must be extended to all of our vendors. Along with documenting how we acquire services associated with bending tube to meet our customers’ requirements, we’ve also established a method for evaluating, certifying and decertifying our vendors. Additionally, traceability and certifications are controlled and stored for future reference.

Inspection and Testing When Bending Tubing
Inspection and testing processes ensure that our products meet each customer’s requirements. This includes documentation that verifies when inspection and testing of work associated with bending tubing have been completed. We use a variety of non-destructive tests while performing first-article, in-process and final inspections.

Calibration of Measurement and Test Equipment
Accurate measuring equipment is essential for ensuring the quality of work associated with bending tube. We have procedures to control, calibrate and maintain all measuring and test equipment to NIST standards when applicable. Traceability is maintained in the calibration logs.

Process Control for Bending Tube
Tulsa Tube Bending is responsible for the production processes that directly affect quality and that ensure that our processes for bending tubing are carried out under controlled conditions. A process manual for bending tube details the work instructions for all processes that have to do with bending tubing. Control charts and SPC techniques are used when applicable or when required by customers.

Control of Nonconforming Materials When Bending Tubing
Nonconforming material is material that doesn’t meet all of the customer’s requirements or specifications for bending tube. We’ve established segregation and disposition procedures that prevent the unintended use of nonconforming material. Our material review board’s monthly audits ensure that appropriate controls are in place.

Handling, Storage, Packaging and Delivery
Our procedures for bending tubing describe the proper handling devices and surface care for lifting, storing and shipping raw materials and finished products. Special customer information is printed on the work order for handling, packaging and shipping when required.

Control of Quality Records for Bending Tubes
All quality records are maintained and archived for three years.

All Tulsa Tube Bending employees receive the appropriate training required to perform their jobs. Training records are maintained for each employee.

Corrective and Preventive Action
We use a form to facilitate the process of eliminating the cause of nonconformance to requirements when bending tube. This form identifies the problem, determines the probable causes and establishes corrective action to be taken. There is also a place to focus on preventive action as a means of achieving continuous improvement and eliminating the nonconformance.

Internal Audits
We have an internal audit process for evaluating the effectiveness of our system for measuring the quality of our work associated with bending tubing. The audit process is an integral part of the management review process. A complete audit of our quality system will be conducted at least once per year.

Employee Development for Bending Tube
Training and education related to bending tube are integral pieces of our continuous improvement culture. To help improve quality and safety, all employees are involved in either personal development education or specific training for bending tubing. Training programs for bending tube are qualified to the standards of the American Welding Society, ASME Code Certification, ANSI and PFI specifications.

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