Mandrel Bent

Mandrel Bent Custom Tube Bending and Custom Pipe Bending

With mandrel bent pipe bending machines, a steel plug fits inside the pipe while a rotating steel die forms the pipe to the radius of the die. The steel plug, or mandrel, supports the pipe internally to reduce the amount of pipe cross-section flattening that occurs during custom tube bending and custom pipe bending. A pipe bending clamp secures the pipe to the die. The pipe bending machine rotates the die to the desired bend angle as a sliding pressure die forces the pipe to conform to the die radius. After the custom tube bending and custom pipe bending process, the operator extracts the mandrel from the pipe, releases the clamp and removes the bent pipe from the machine.

With proper tooling, this custom tube bending and custom pipe bending process is capable of producing high quality, High quality, tight-radius mandrel bent pipetight-radius bends for a wide range of applications including football goalposts, davit arms and process piping applications.

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