Best Places to Work in Oklahoma


At Tulsa Tube Bending, we strive to be a place that “Everyone wants to work, and nobody wants to leave”. We do this by staying true to our mission statement: “Serving others. Building people. Pursuing Excellence.”

One way for us to gauge employee culture, and grade how we are doing at living up to our mission statement, is by offering anonymous surveys throughout the year. We generally do this by participating in Gallup’s Q12 Survey. This comprehensive survey measures employee engagement through 12 questions. Research has found companies that score well on the Q12 have higher levels of productivity, profitability, and employee retention. They also have fewer safety incidences, better quality, and higher customer ratings. It also gives employees the opportunity to address any concerns they may have or acknowledge positive changes they have experienced throughout the year.

In 2009, 2011 and most recently, 2017, we took our mission statement a step further, and took the assessment to enter the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma contest. We are proud to announce that we placed 18th in the small/medium business category! We were the only manufacturing company to place.

Each year, companies compete to achieve the title of one of the best places to work in our state. Some of the requirements to enter include being a for-profit entity, public or privately held business, have a facility in Oklahoma, and have been in business one year. If companies meet these requirements and wish to participate, they will take an assessment that is broken two parts: employer questionnaire and employee survey. The employer questionnaire allows the Best Companies Group to capture information about company policies, practices and demographics.

The employee survey is analyzed and categorized according to 8 Core Focus Areas:

  • Leadership and Planning
  • Corporate Culture and Communications
  • Role satisfaction
  • Work Environment
  • Relationship with supervisor
  • Training
  • Development and resources
  • Pay and benefits
  • Overall engagement


These surveys undergo a review process divided by company size: large businesses (250 or more employees) and small/medium businesses (25-249 employees).

All three years of participation, Tulsa Tube Bending was the only manufacturing company to place. Our highest placing was in 2009 when we placed 7th. In 2011, we placed 19th.

Although we are very excited to have placed this year, we like to use this opportunity as a way to hear from our employees and continue to make Tulsa Tube Bending a better company to do business with and an even better company to call your place of employment.

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