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About Tulsa Tube Bending

The recognized leader in the tube bending service industry, Tulsa Tube Bending is devoted to the exclusive production of precision pipe and tube bends, helical pipe coils, and bent square or rectangle sections. Our tube bending company is located in the heart of Oklahoma’s beautiful Green Country with over 76,000 square feet of covered tube forming space in five buildings located on five acres.

  • Pioneer. As a pioneer in the tube bending service industry, we have developed many of our own tube bending machines to meet customer specifications. Our reputation for quality, dependability and specialty services means we receive over 85% of our business from referrals by satisfied customers.
  • Flexibility. Our ability to bend a wide range of materials and pipe sizes and to create a variety of pipe bends makes Tulsa Tube Bending your ideal tube bending resource. Our goal as a tube bending company is to find the best solution for your requirements at the best price and delivery time.
  • Experience. With a highly trained staff that brings over 400 man-years of tube bending experience to each project, our tube bending company has produced over one million pipe and tube bends.
  • Customer commitment. Our customers range from small manufacturers to international Fortune 100 companies. Yet no matter who our customer is, each one benefits from our Customer Commitment Program, which outlines the highest level of quality standards available in the tube bending services industry.
  • Technology. Tulsa Tube Bending has the technology to provide quick and reliable pipe bend and tube forming quotes when you need them. We consistently give customers the best on-time delivery percentage in the tube bending industry, and have diligently worked to re-engineer our tube bending services to slash delivery times by more than half over the last several years.

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