Bending Capabilities

Our reputation for innovation allows us to cater to different performance and application needs.

High-quality, custom pipe bends

Tulsa Tube Bending has robust capabilities that serve a variety of industries and applications. With a commitment to sustaining our recognition as a world-class pipe bender, we are ready to turn your concepts into reality with a customized pipe bending solution that provides maximum performance for your project.

Bending Capabilities Overview

  • Cold form pipe bends from 1” to 12” IPS
  • Heat induction pipe bends from 3.5” to 36” OD
  • Bend radii, generally 3D and up – depending on wall thickness
  • Segmentable pipe bends
  • ASME code coils, including helical, conical, and pancake, from 1” OD to 8” IPS
  • Square and rectangle tube bends from 1” x 1” up to 20” x 12”
  • Heat induction pipe bends to B16.49, TPA-IBS-98 & most internal company specifications
  • Multiple end preparations such as bevels, tapers, and cut grooved ends
  • Pipe bends in stainless steel, nickel, carbon, titanium, zirconium, aluminum, copper, and exotic grades of pipe and tubing

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Helical Pipe Coils and Spiral Pipe Coils

Tulsa Tube Bending produces ASME code coils (helical, conical, or pancake) from 1” OD to 8” IPS, from carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, and exotic materials, in almost any wall and material grade. We specialize in complex, multi-pass coils and can also produce coils in helical and pancake configurations.

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Structural Bending of Pipe, Tube, Angle, Channel, and Beam

Our capabilities for structural pipe bends help reinforce the structure of skyscrapers, sports stadiums, airport terminals, and more. We supply bent tubing to a wide range of industries, including steel fabricators, construction companies, architectural designers, equipment manufacturers, and many others. In addition to tube and pipe, we also bend angle, channel, and beam up to 12”cross-section.

Process Piping

With experience bending pipes for food and beverage manufacturers, chemical companies, and refineries, we have the capability for bending pipe in a broad range of sizes, materials, and bend radii. When bending pipes, we comply with B31.1 and B31.3 requirements and can provide bent pipe for Category M service.

Custom Fabrication

Add value with our custom fabrication capabilities

Customizing your solution doesn’t stop at pipe bending, we can add value to your project results with in-house welding, welding flanges, hole drilling, wearbacks, wearpads, end prep, testing, and coating capabilities.

Requesting a quote from Tulsa Tube Bending

Tulsa Tube Bending is equipped to handle pipe and tube bending projects of any scale. Our in-house experts collaborate closely with you to gather all the necessary details for generating an accurate quote, ensuring that we cater to your project’s unique requirements and guarantee swift delivery. Some key information we need for a comprehensive quote includes:

  • Material grade
  • Outside diameter (OD)
  • Wall thickness
  • Center line radius (CLR)
  • Degree of bend
  • Quantity of bends

Tulsa Tube Bending Projects

3-pass helical coil

8” 3-pass helical coil

5×5 square bends

6″ Triple bends

16” 4D heat induction bends