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Common Questions About Pipe & Tube Bending

The labor-intensive part of our process is the tooling set-up on each machine. Every time we begin a new order, or make a change in the diameter, wall or radius of a tube or pipe bend, a new set-up is needed. Larger quantities allow the labor cost associated with our set-ups to be amortized over more bends, thereby reducing the individual piece cost.
  1. Increase the quantity of bends ordered (see first question).
  2. Use common sizes, wall thicknesses and grades of material. Tube and pipe charts show all sizes that can be made. Many of those sizes are available only at a premium because they are seldom produced. Give our experienced sales representatives a call and we’ll be glad to go over the common size and wall thicknesses with you.
  3. Use a common radius. Today’s bending techniques allow almost any tube or pipe to be formed to nearly any desired bend radius. However, designing bends to some radii will cost more than designing bends to others. Many applications have some flexibility in the radius they can use. When possible, use a common bending radius and adjust the tangents on each end to yield the overall required dimensions. Submit a Quote Request and we’ll be glad to go over all the radius options with you to help you reduce costs.
  4. Consider welded material. Because of higher-quality welding and nondestructive examination techniques used in the tube mill industry today, many designs can use less expensive welded tube and pipe in places that previously required seamless material. You may be able to save 25% to 40% on costs.
  5. Look at lower priced end preparation options. Why pay for square cut or beveled ends on your pipe and tubing if you don’t need them? Consider plain ends or rough cut to minimize the cost of your bends. See our diagram of end preparations for help.
  6. Avoid expedites or rush orders. Ordering within current lead times allows us to link similar pipe and tubing orders, thus reducing our set-up costs and minimizing additional charges to you. Our lead times for small bend orders generally average 3-5 days with no expedites!

Tulsa Tube Bending can bend most grades of carbon steel, stainless steel/duplex, chrome, nickel alloys, and aluminum pipe and tubing. As a rule, the ductility of the material and the bend radius specified are the two primary factors that determine if a bend can be made.

Yes, we bend square and rectangular tubing.
Yes, just specify that you want your order quoted as “labor only”. However, please keep in mind that we have an extensive list of local pipe and tube suppliers and may be able to supply the pipe and save you some money on shipping and may be able to complete your job sooner too.
Because we are a custom tube and pipe bending facility, we manufacture everything to our customer’s exact specifications and do not keep anything in stock. We would be glad to give you a quote on your tube and pipe bending needs—simply visit our Quote request page.

At Tulsa Tube Bending we try to make it as easy as possible to specify your bends, by giving you the option that is easiest for you.

  • Input your information into our online quote and we’ll email with price and lead time.
  • If you have a sketch, drawing or print, please attach it to the quote form. We can currently accept .bmp, .tif, .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .dwg, or .dwf files. You are also welcome to fax it to us at the number on our Quote Request page.
  • You can download a bend drawing, fill it out and fax it to us at the number on our Quote Request page.
  • Call us at (918) 446-4461 or (888) 882-3637 with your information.

We will need to know the following for every bend:

  • Quantity of bends
  • Outside diameter of pipe/tube or nominal pipe size
  • Wall thickness or pipe schedule
  • Material grade
  • Degree of bend or arc length of bend
  • Radius of bend
  • Required tangent lengths
  • End preparation (plain, square cut, beveled, etc.)
To save you some time and hassle, our sales representatives can quote a firm freight amount that will be added to your invoice (freight adder) or include the freight in the cost of the bends (freight covered). Just let your sales representative know which you prefer.

Any one of our expert sales representatives, who have an average tenure of 17 years, will be happy to help you with your pipe or tube bending requirements. Go to our Quote Request page for a list of ways to reach us with your inquiries, quote requests, orders, and problems.

To apply for credit, please contact one of our sales representatives by email at or phone at (918) 446-4461 or (888) 882-3637 and we will be happy to send a form to you.

One of the services we provide is an automatic email confirming every shipment. If you need to contact us to get the status or pro-number of an order please call (918) 446-4461 or (888) 882-3637 and let the receptionist know that you’re checking status. Our current on-time delivery percentage is 95.1%, so you can have confidence that your order will ship out by the date we’ve promised (or earlier)!

Please call (918) 446-4461 or (888) 882-3637 and speak with the sales representative who assisted you with the order. They will gather the needed information from our files and begin the investigative process.

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