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Innovating the pipe bending industry since 1958

Since 1958, Tulsa Tube Bending has evolved into a distinguished, nationally acclaimed pioneer in pipe and tube bending. Our reputation is built on delivering exact, top-tier bends across a wide-range of tube materials, methods, and applications. You can confidently rely on us for pipe and tube bends crafted with meticulous precision, aligned with ASME and PFI specifications. Our offerings cater to diverse industries, including refining, petrochemical, chemical, power, and broader industrial applications.

Tube and pipe bending methods

Turning concepts into reality with customized pipe bending solutions for you

Induction bending

Create precise and controlled curves in square and round pipes with induction bending by minimizing deformation of the material and distortion of the cross-section.

Mandrel bending

Achieve smooth and uniform bends in pipes and tubes, with mandrel bending, while maintaining the internal diameter and wall integrity.

Roll bending

Shape square and round pipes while preserving the material’s structural integrity, with roll bending, and control curves that minimize irregularities in the cross section.

Helical pipe coils

Craft seamless, uniform spirals in tubes using helical coil bending, ensuring smooth and precise curvature while maintaining structural integrity and dimensional accuracy.

Structural rolling

Create curved metal elements for architectural designs, such as curved handrails, ornamental structures, and curved façades in buildings.

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Transforming industries through advanced pipe bending

We’re committed to meeting your unique needs with precision tube bending solutions. With a diverse range of capabilities, including cold formed and heat induction pipe bends, ASME code coils, and square/rectangular tube bends, we’re here to serve your industry requirements. From standard carbon steel to exotic alloys, our expertise ensures that your projects are delivered to exact specifications, reflecting our dedication to your success.

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I have closer pipe bending sources, but I’ve found that Tulsa Tube Bending offers an overall product and service value that overcomes the distance between us. Quick deliveries, excellent quality, good service and FOB delivered prices make it easy for me to do business with Tulsa Tube Bending.

David, Seattle, WA

I like the friendly customer service and the emailed quotes. My sales representative is very knowledgeable and offers me cost saving alternatives. I especially like the firm quoted freight cost that is added to my order.

Mark, Kansas City, MO

I’ve dealt with Tulsa Tube Bending for many years. Pipe bends that in the past took two to four weeks to deliver can now be turned in three to five working days. These quick project turnarounds are just what my customers are looking for.

Phillip, Ontario, Canada

Tulsa Tube Bending Projects

3-pass helical coil

8″ 3-pass helical coil

5×5 square bends

6″ Triple bends

16″ 4D heat induction bends