Understanding ASME B16.49 and TPA-IBS 98 Standards for Heat Induction Bends

Tulsa Tube Bending is a prominent provider of heat induction bends, adhering to the stringent standards set by ASME B16.49 and TPA-IBS 98. These nationally recognized specifications are pivotal for energy, transmission, and distribution applications that necessitate the precision of the hot induction bending process. Our commitment to rigorous control ensures that each bend meets the required chemistry and mechanical properties, as outlined by these esteemed standards.

ASME B16.49: Setting Benchmarks for Precision Manufacturing

ASME B16.49 stands as a hallmark for the manufacturing, testing, and inspection requisites of pipeline bends. We meticulously regulate essential variables such as bend speed and temperature during the heat induction bending process to uphold the highest quality standards. Additionally, each order for our B16.49 heat induction bends includes qualification bends that undergo strict non-destructive and destructive testing, guaranteeing uncompromised quality and durability.

TPA-IBS 98: Pioneering Heat Induction Bending Specifications

Tulsa Tube Bending also complies with the time-tested TPA-IBS 98 standards, catering to the oil and gas transmission, distribution, and refinery sectors. The bends produced under TPA-IBS 98 undergo stringent checks for mechanical properties and are characterized by controlled pipe chemistry, precise bend speed, and closely monitored temperature conditions during the bending process. Each TPA-IBS 98 hot induction bend order includes thorough non-destructive examinations and various destructive tests to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Leveraging Segmentable Heat Induction Bends for Challenging Terrains

The significance of segmentable heat induction bends cannot be overstated, especially for projects facing complex terrains or unforeseeable conditions during construction. Tulsa Tube Bending’s segmentable heat induction bends, featuring 1% or less ovality throughout, offer unparalleled flexibility for on-site customization without compromising on precision. These segmentable bends prove instrumental not only in new construction but also in critical pipeline repair and maintenance projects where time constraints demand swift and efficient solutions.

Revolutionizing Heat Induction Bending Technology

Staying at the forefront of the market, Tulsa Tube Bending pioneered the adoption of the first Cojafex heat induction machine in North America. Building on this legacy of innovation, we have recently launched an advanced heat induction bending machine, featuring expanded size capability up to 36” OD pipe, cutting-edge control technology, and seamless integration of automation. This state-of-the-art machine is set to revolutionize the industry by reducing lead times, enhancing overall quality, and delivering precise bends with minimal operator input.

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